Wood Shredders Contribute to Recycling and Better Use of Wood

Wood was being extensively used in the olden days for many applications. But the expansion of the human race in the past couple of centuries has shrunk the forest cover in many parts of the world and there is now an urgent need to protect trees. There are even laws against felling of trees for commercial purposes in some countries. So how does one save on the consumption of wood or are there ways to recycle the used wood from some of the applications? The answer is affirmative and one machine that helps in this process of wood recycling is the wood shredder. If you are in this field and are looking for a wood shredder for sale, read on.

Wood Shredding Machines are Strongly Built

The basic mechanism used to operate a wood shredder is not very complicated; it has a rotor shaft and knives fitted on them. The wooden pieces to be shredded are fed through the hopper and the shredded pieces go through a screen and taken away on a flat belt conveyor. The outer shell of the wood shredder is made from welded steel and is quite sturdy. When the shredder is running the machine has to bear the vibrations and stay firmly grouted to the floor.

The variations in the wood shredder for sale would be in the size of the shaft, the size and number of knives and the rating of the motor to run the shaft. These will ultimately determine the capacity of the shredder in terms of the volume of wood that can be handled per hour. The shredder range is identified through the width of the shaft in it; the higher the width, the larger the size of the shredder.

Inputs Come from Different Sources

There are several ways in which the factory running the wood shredder would collect the input wooden materials for shredding. One of the main sources is the wooden pallets and crates used in packaging and shipment. A small proportion might get reused as it is and some may be repaired and reused. The rest of the wooden pieces are thrown and collected and brought to the wood shredding unit. Carpentry waste is another important source. The factories using the wood shredders would generally have agencies contracted to supplying them with such wood wastes, which are meant to be shredded.

Output also has Many Uses

The shredded wooden particles collected from the shredder go into making many end products. Depending on the size of the particle needed, the knives are adjusted on the shredder. In some cases, the briquettes are made with the shredded pieces and then packed and shipped to the buyers. There are integrated facilities with the wood shredder being made part of the complete production line with the conveyor carrying the shredded particles being directly connected to the feeder for making the end product. The end products could be MDF boards or chip boards or veneers and so on. All these companies would be looking for wood shredder for sale. The industry is strong enough to meet the demands of the customers.