Multifarious utilities of wall cladding for your dream building

It is no wonder that you always leave no stone unturned to improve the aesthetic beauty of your dream building. In order to achieve this, your architect or civil engineer may suggest wall cladding Melbourne professionals do. The purpose of wall cladding is not limited to enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the building. This is because every wall cladding should also be viewed from the point of view of safety of the building.

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A report dated February 17, 2016 filed by the VBA Victorian Building Authority indicates that wall cladding is recommended from the point of view of fire safety. In fact, The Building Code of Australia (BCA) recommends multi-layered approach to fire safety and one such approach is wall cladding.

Purpose of wall cladding:

Basically, wall cladding is a process of placing one material over another and by doing so you actually create an extra layer of skin over the wall. Such extra layer will help in arresting percolation of water or protect the wall against harsh weather conditions. While doing so the architect or the civil engineer will use decorative materials which in turn enhance the aesthetic beauty of the building. Some of the materials normally used for cladding are wood, stone, vinyl, porcelain, brick and fiberglass. Further, the cladding can be undertaken for both interior and exterior walls of the building.

BCA recommendation:

However, as per the BCA recommendations, apart from aesthetic beauty and protection from weather and water, the wall cladding melbourne firms do should also essentially aim at protection against fire and such other hazards. Here comes the importance of choosing the type of wall cladding for your dream building. It would be needless to mention that your architect or the civil engineer is the right person to guide you in the matter.

Environmental impact:

Of course, wall cladding provides an ‘external support’ to the structure of the building. But, essentially, the type of wall cladding Melbourne professionals recommend depends on propensity of the wall to the hazard. For example, while cladding the kitchen walls, the aim should be to insulate it from water percolation and fire hazards. Scientific wall cladding not only insulates the building from various hazards but also enhances the life of the building. Naturally, it also enhances the real value of your dream building. For example, an article published in points out that researchers have found that as far as residential building is concerned, appropriate external wall cladding will have greater environmental impact.

Varieties of designs and styles:

Modern construction technology has evolved varieties of wall cladding materials that are light weight, durable, easy to install and maintain. These cost effective wall cladding materials will not pinch your purse. They are also available in hundreds of designs, styles and shades. You find exclusively designed wall claddings for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, exteriors of the building and so on. Normally, manufacturers of wall claddings also undertake to install the cladding. However, before choosing the cladding, you must carefully go through the reviews of the manufacturers of wall cladding material. You may also visit some of the buildings where such wall cladding work has been carried out. This will enable you evaluate the suitability of the wall cladding of your dream building.