Buying a car can be exciting and fun

January 2017 has given a big boost to the automobile industry in Australia. This is because the first month of New Year has opened up on a happy note by registering growth in the sale of cars. The Australian automobile market grew by about 0.6% over the previous month. Of course, this includes all types of cars namely economy, sports, SUV and commercial vehicles. Leading players like the Citroen have contributed to this upward trend of the automobile industry in Australia. Several models of Citroen cars have hit the Australian market during the last year.

citroen cars

New models being introduced:

As a matter of fact, Citroen is an automobile manufacturer from France and it is one of the units of the Peugeot Citroen. The manufacturers have introduced several models of Citroen cars that are exclusively designed for Australian conditions. Recently, Citroen has announced the introduction of its C5 model car in Australia and the launch date is expected to be announced shortly.

Citroen Berlingo:

Apart from C5, Citroen has introduced to the Australian market the new version of its Berlingo model. This car is available both in passenger and commercial model. In fact, among the various models of Citroen cars, Berlingo passenger car is known as family ‘multipurpose vehicle’ (MPV).

‘Dispatch XL’ delivery van:

On the other hand, the Berlingo van is designed to provide enhanced functionality. Apart from Berlingo, Citroen has recently introduced yet another model of delivery van namely the ‘dispatch XL’. In order to meet the different classes of the business community, Citroen has introduced ‘dispatch XL’ in three versions each with varying payloads.

Picasso family car:

In the family car segment, Citroen has introduced a new version in its Picasso models. The new c4 Picasso is now available in two versions namely five seater and seven seater. Similar to Berlingo even Picasso c4 is regarded as an MPV. In fact, this is the second generation car that has hit the Australian automobile market.

Buy a car and save money:

Of course, buying a car is a challenging task; next only to buying the home. But, as far as a car is concerned, if you know the art of where to turn, then you find buying a car becomes fun. While buying a car you should know where to save money. For example, some of the authorized car dealers make fleet buying of cars. The dealers transfer the benefit of fleet buying to their customers. Naturally, this will help you to save a considerable amount of money.

Buying a used car:

While buying a new car is a challenging task, buying a used one is still more challenging. This is because while buying used cars you should satisfy yourself about the legality of the purchase, the condition of the car, mileage and the rationale behind the price quoted. Therefore, in such cases, the ideal approach would be to contact any of the reliable and authorized Brisbane used car dealers. Before buying the used car, you should ask the dealer to provide warranty on the used car.

Buy from authorized dealers:

In the normal course, the authorized dealers like the always make a technical evaluation of the car. They also provide warranty on the used car and also on the spares bought from them.