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Land and property prices are currently very high in London. There is both a strong domestic and international demand for quality properties throughout London. These could be new builds, refurbishments or loft conversations. Some builders south east London has today have the solutions.

London is blessed with buildings that stretch back through the centuries. A recent project was the total refurbishment of the old fire station at Chatham Dock Yard along the Thames in South East London. This was to produce a recording studio for the students at Kent University. This was a major undertaking in conjunction with the heritage and University authorities.


In South East London, near the centre there are many 19th century buildings built during the height of the Victorian period, along with warehouses etc. Further out in suburbia, miles of 1930’s semi detached homes. There is some spare land, in the form of brown fill sites. There is always the potential for loft conversions, basements and extensions. The building work could be a very high end prestigious refurbishment or simply a loft conversion. The work can be readily be undertaken by builders South East London.

Not only building but also utilities have to be considered. Heating, both for hot water and for the building can be a considerable cost. There may be complete double glazing, thermal insulation and lagging, but heating bills could still rise. But help is at hand with the use of nest pro, that is nest thermostat installation. This is a highly sophisticated system. It is an integrated thermostat and programmer that “learns” as it goes along. Heat levels can be set manually or automatically. This can be accessed from laptops, mobiles and tablets.

Taking a wider look at this huge and wonderful city that is London, there is also the need to look at the role of south London builders. Take for example the complete refurbishment of a family home in Knightsbridge SW1,

This is a very high value location. Any work here would have to be completed to the highest standards.

This was the case with this house. The interior fittings and fixtures were removed, new heating and cooling systems were installed. The completed house was decorated, wallpapered and deep cleaned.

Construction covers a range of different craft disciplines. Builders South East London have the expertise in this field of construction. The days of the cowboy builder are long gone. The craftsmen and women will have the skills and abilities to produce the very best end result. This could include bespoke joinery and carpentry. Plastering is not an easy skill. Painting and decorating have to be done efficiently and neatly.

Then the right contractor who is able to produce quality work must be employed every time.

This company combines the expertise of Aura Construction and the Tage group specialists in electrical, mechanical and construction work. Together they have a very wide range of experience. Both have an in depth knowledge of the needs and concerns of the building and construction industry, along with innovations and developments in electronics and electrical industries. This is a very interesting and exciting synergy. For more information, just visit us tage london.

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